EODiSP Instantiation - EarthCARE Simulator

This web site describes an instantiation of the EODiSP Open and Distributed Simulation Platform or EODiSP. The EODiSP is a generic platform to support the development and operation of distributed simulators that integrate HLA-compliant simulation packages.

This web site describes the instantiation of the EODiSP to implement an end-to-end performance mission simulator for the EarthCARE mission. The EarthCARE mission is an earth observation satellite mission under development at ESA. Most of the simulation packages integrated in the EarthCARE Simulator were developed by KNMI as part of their contribution to the phase A EarthCARE study.

The instantiation of the EODiSP described in this web site was performed as part of the testing campaign for the EODiSP. The intention was to create a simulator that could be used to verify the correct implementation of the EODiSP. More generally, the EarthCARE Simulator can also serve as a blueprint for users who wish to use the EODiSP to set up their own simulation environments.

The instantiation of the EODiSP described in this web site was done under contract number 18833/05/NL/AR for the European Space Agency. The work was performed by P&P Software GmbH as prime contractor with the Institute fur Automatik of the ETH Zurich as subcontractor.