The EODiSP (EODiSP Open and Distributed Simulation Platform) is a generic platform to support the development and operation of distributed simulators that integrate HLA-compliant simulation packages.

The EODiSP is being developed for the European Space Agency under contract number 18833/05/NL/AR. Its development is led by P&P Software GmbH with the Institute fur Automatik of the ETH Zurich as subcontractor. The code is written by Michael Egli (se at elchonline dot net) and Iwan Birrer (birrer at pnp-software dot com).

The EODiSP is specifically aimed at supporting the development of end-to-end simulators for earth-observation satellite missions but is more generally suitable for simulators that are built by integrating heterogeneous and distributed simulation packages that interact by sending data to, and receiving data from each other. The EODiSP is built as a partial implementation of the High-Level Architecture (HLA). The HLA is the most widely used simulation architecture. It is defined by an IEEE standard as a bundle of services that support various aspects of a simulation. The EODiSP implements the subset of HLA services required to support data-driven simulations. The full complement of HLA services may be implemented at a later date.

The development of the EODiSP follows a formal software development process and the environment is supplied with a complete documentation and verification data package. The EODiSP is made available as free and open software under the terms of GNU's General Public Licence. Development of the EODiSP is currently under way and is expected to be completed in November 2006.