Sample Aspect Programs

This is a collection of sample aspect programs that demonstrate the usage of the XWeaver aspect weaver. The aspect programs gathered here cover all the functionalities currently implemented by the XWeaver aspect weaver. They are intended to serve as templates for users to construct their own aspect programs. The sample programs are organized in groups with every group covering one type of aspect transformation. Users new to XWeaver are advised to begin by studying the examples in the Basic group. Users who are only interested in C language weaving should restrict themselves to the C-language group.

The sample aspect programs are run on two types of base code. The first type of base code are simple but entirely self-contained applications. The second type of base code is a subset of the classes from the ObsFramework. The ObsFramework code is used as representative of the type of C++ base which users may want to modify with XWeaver. This delivery contains both the base code itself and the base code modified by the sample aspect programs. An Apache Ant build file is provided to run all the sample aspect programs in sequence.

This documentation was automatically generated by processing the aspect programs with the AspectXdoc tool.