Download / Install


Install Paths

This page makes reference to the Model Manager's data directory ($MM_DATA_DIR) to explain the install location of the various downloads. The location of this directory is explained in detail in the Configuration Files page of the EODiSP website. Usually the data directory of the model manager is located at:


while $USER_HOME is, on Windows, usually located at

C:\Documents and Settings\<username>

on Unix/Linux at



  • The EODiSP Model Manager Application is installed on the target computer.
  • The $MM_DATA_DIR/lib directory contains the eodisp_wrapper-0.1.1.jar file. This file can be downloaded from the download page of the EODiSP website.
  • For the Excel sim_sontroller federate, the SWT dlls must be available in the Windows search path.
  • For the matlab_display federate, the JMatlink dll must be available in the Windows search path.
  • The Simulation Object Model (SOM) file of each federate bundle has been registered with the EODiSP Repository

EarthCARE Federate Bundles

Each federate is available as an EODiSP bundle that is ready to be installed on a Model Manager Application. For most of the EarthCARE federates, a bundle takes the form of a jar file, some are are delivered as a directory. For your convenience, all bundles (jar- and directory-bundles) are available in one zip file:

Installing the bundles is a matter of unzipping this file into the $MM_DATA_DIR/federates directory.

SOM Files

A SOM file defines the interface of a federate. For each of the EarthCARE federates, the SOM file can be downloaded below:

SWT Dlls

The following downloads are provided for convenience and all files were originally downloaded from the Eclipse website. Information about the licence that apply to these files can be found here.

To make these dlls available they need to be in the Windows path. The simplest way to achieve this, is to copy all dll files to C:\WINDOWS.

JMatlink Dll

The following download is provided for convenience and the dll file was originally downloaded from the website. A copy of the JMatlink license is available here.

To make this dll available it needs to be in the Windows path. The simplest way to achieve this, is to copy the dll file to C:\WINDOWS.