All the results of this project are publicly available under the GNU General Public Licence. This includes the project documentation and all the software developed in the project in both source and compiled form. It includes in particular all the software for the XFeature tool.

Copyright And Licence

The software and documentation downloadable from this site is made up of the following items:

System Requirements

Make sure that your system meets the following requirements. You will need Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition, version 5.0 installed (download from and either

  • Eclipse 3.3 Europa or above is installed (download from
  • Eclipse GEF 3.3 or above is installed (download from or use the Europe update site Help | Software Updates | Find and Install | Search for new features to install | Europa Discovery Site | Graphical Editors and Frameworks)


In any case, be careful NOT to install the Eclipse/Topcased to a directory with space character in its path. Avoid destination directory C:\Program files\topcased.

Download and Installation

Use the Eclipse update site to install XFeature tool:

  1. Make sure that the required software is installed.
  2. Run the Eclipse
  3. Go to menu Help | Software Updates | Find and Install
  4. Select "Search for new features to install" and click "Next"
  5. Click "New Remote Site" button, enter XFeature as a name and as an URL.
  6. Make sure the checkbox next to "XFeature" is checked. And click "Finish".
  7. Again make sure the checkbox next to "XFeature" and click "Next". Note that in the current version of Topased (as of 20th August 2007) there is a dependency issue with org.openarchitectureware plug-in. This plug-in is not linked to XFeature in any way but it corrupts the Topcased installation thus preventing users to install new features/plug-ins. You need to interrupt the XFeature installation and disable the org.openarchitectureware before you will be able to install XFeature. Go to Help | Software Updates | Manage Configuration and expand the tree on the left of the Product Configuration window that poped up. Find the org.openarchitectureware entry, right-click it and choose disable. Repeat steps 3, 6, and 7.
  8. Read the license agreement and click the radio button to accept it. Click "Next".
  9. Check that the installation directory doesn't contain space and click "Finish" button.
  10. Confirm the installation by clicking "Install All".
  11. When asked, agree to restart the Eclipse.

We no more offer the XFeature as a ZIP file.

To learn more about how to operate the tool see the user manual.