XWeaver Test Suite

This is a test suite for XWeaver aspect weaver. It contains aspect programs that (together with sample aspect programs) cover all the weaving rules and pointcut types currently supported by the XWeaver aspect weaver. The test suite consists of 51 test cases. Each test case consists of one aspect program, base code and verified woven code. Verified woven code is manually checked for correctness by human and is used as a reference when testing new versions of XWeaver for its backward compatibility. There are two tables that show which weaving rules and pointcuts are tested by which test case. The test suite is divided into 12 groups. Eight groups also serves as sample aspect programs and are described elsewhere. The remaining four groups are described here.

The main Ant build file delivered with the XWeaver project specifies command to run and verify the whole test suite.

This documentation was automatically generated by processing the aspect programs with the AspectXdoc tool.