Domain Design

This page gives access to the results of the domain design phase for the CORDET Generic Architecture.


Framework Design

The functional part of the CORDET Generic Architecture consists of two software frameworks covering the Attitude and Orbit Control Subsystem (AOCS) and the Data Handling (DH) Subsystems. The framework covering the AOCS is called "Control Framework" because it might be suitable for a generic on-board control system as well as specifically for the AOCS. The framework covering the DH subsystem is called "DH Framework". The domain design for the CORDET Software Frameworks was done by P&P Software.

The data package for the framework domain design consists of the folllowing items:

  • A Technical Note giving an overview of the design of the two frameworks. This document serves as an introduction to the other items in the design data package.
  • The UML2 model of the CORDET Frameworks. This was built in the Topcased environment.
  • The detailed design documentation of the UML2 model of the CORDET Frameworks available as a JavaDoc-like hyperlinked web site.
  • The detailed design documentation is embedded within the model itself. It was automatically extracted from the model by using a documentation generator implemented as an Eclipse plug-in. The plug-in can be accessed together with basic documentation on how to use it from here.
  • A Sample Configuration File for the Control Framework in OpenOffice format.
As requested by the CORDET Methodology, the design of the CORDET Framework is based on the FW Profile (a UML2 profile for reusable and adaptable software components developed at ETH as part of the ASSERT project). As part of the CORDET Project, this profile was extended to include the model documentation generator mentioned above a new set of design constraints. The extended version of the profile can be accessed from the FW Profile web site.

Finally, in order to test the framework models, a test harness was built. This is not documented but can be made available on request.

Non-Functional Design

The non-functional part of the CORDET Generic Architecture is based on the RCM Methodology. A complete set of docunentation on the RCM methodology has been prepared by the University of Padua and is available from the methodology page.