Domain Analysis

This page gives access to the results of the domain analysis phase for the CORDET Generic Architecture.

As prescribed by the CORDET Methodology, two parallel developments are done in the CORDET Project covering, respectively, the functional and the non-functional part of the CORDET Generic Architecture. The domain analysis is accordingly split into two parts as described below.


Functional Part

The functional part of the CORDET Generic Architecture consists of two software frameworks covering the Attitude and Orbit Control Subsystem (AOCS) and the Data Handling (DH) Subsystems. The framework covering the AOCS is called "Control Framework" because it might be suitable for a generic on-board control system as well as specifically for the AOCS. The framework covering the DH subsystem is called "DH Framework". The domain analysis for the CORDET Software Frameworks was done by P&P Software and its results are presented in this document.

A feature model has been built to describe the variability associated to the DH and Control Frameworks. The feature model is built using the XFeature Tool with the FD Configuration. The FD Configuration is one of the default configurations of the XFeature tool and can be downloaded from the tool web site.

The following files contain the complete set of XFeature files that define the feature models for the two frameworks:

Brief instructions on how to use the above feature model files can be found here. Note that these instructions assume the users to be familiar with the XFeature Tool.

Non-Functional Part

The domain analysis for the non-functional part of the CORDET Generic Architecture was carried out by Thales-Alenia Space. Its results can be requested from the Thales study manager, Gerald Garcia.