The EODiSP is provided with a demonstrator which is intended to verify the correct functioning of its design and implementation and to serve as a blueprint of how EODiSP simulations can be set up.

The demonstrator simulator is built on a set of simulation model developed during the phase A study of the EarthCARE mission. The EarthCARE mission is an earth observation satellite mission under development at ESA. Most of the simulation packages integrated in the demonstrator were developed by KNMI as part of their contribution to the phase A EarthCARE study.

The EarthCARE Simulator which is used as a demonstrator for the EODiSP is described in a dedicated web site. This web site describes a simulator instantiated from the EODiSP. The specific simulations that were performed to verify the implementation of the EODiSP tests are instead described in a set of test cases.

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