This page provides access to the various downloads provided by the EODiSP project.


Source Code

The source code is available through an SVN (subversion) source code repository. It is configured to allow anonymous checkouts.

You need an SVN client in order to checkout the source code. You can download it from the Subversion Webpage or, if you prefer to use Eclipse, you can use the Eclipse SVN plugin called Subclipse. Please refer to the tools documentation on how to install and work with them.

The easiest way to get the whole source code into Eclipse is by importing the EODiSP Team Project Set File file into Eclipse. You can do it by downloading the file, choose File > Import... in Eclipse, select Team Project Set and point to the downloaded file. This will checkout the code from the SVN repository and create an Eclipse project for each software package (Consider to use a new workspace in Eclipse as this will add 5 new projects to the workspace). Subclipse (see above) needs to be installed for this to work.

If you don't want to use Eclipse you can checkout the code for the EODiSP software packages with any other SVN client, from the following URLs:

  • svn:// for the EODiSP GUI software package.
  • svn:// for the EODiSP core software package
  • svn:// for the EODiSP wrapper applications
  • svn:// for the EODiSP HLA software package.
  • svn:// for the EODiSP remote software package.
  • svn:// for the EODiSP util software package.
  • svn:// for the EODiSP documentation and website.

In order to checkout the software packages with the SVN console tool, you can use the following command:

svn checkout {SVN URL from above} {local directory to checkout the code to}

For convenience, the checkout commands for all EODiSP software packages are given below:

svn checkout svn:// eodisp_gui
svn checkout svn:// eodisp_core
svn checkout svn:// eodisp_wrapper
svn checkout svn:// eodisp_hla
svn checkout svn:// eodisp_remote
svn checkout svn:// eodisp_util
svn checkout svn:// eodisp_doc

Each line will checkout the code of one software package into a dedicated directory (eodisp_*) in the current directory.

Other Resources

The following links are a set of files that can be used in various parts of the EODiSP framework. The purpose of each file is explained in the documentation at its appropriate place. All files are gathered here for convenience.

  • HLA.xsd The XML Schema that specifies the format of the SOMs and FOMs.
  • mom.fdd The fom for the management object model (MOM). It specifies all the data types used in HLA.