Abstract UnitConditional Punctual ActionControl ActionControl BlockController ManagerCritical TelecommandData ItemData PoolEventEvent RepositoryFDIR CheckFSMFsmEventFsmState The actions that are associated to a state are of three types: Finally, to each state, a next state may be associated. If B is the next state associated to state A, then the FSM will perform an autonomous transition to state B after execution of all the actions associated to state A has been completed (i.e. after its termination check reports "terminated").

Functionality ImplementerFunctionality ManagerManoeuvre

Manoeuvre ManagerMode ManagerMonitoring ProfileOperating System InterfaceParameter DatabasePunctual ActionReconfiguration ManagerRecovery ActionTelecommand

Telecommand LoaderTelecommand ManagerTelemeterableTelemetry ItemTelemetry ManagerTelemetry StreamTracer
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