XWeaver Project File Editor

The XWeaver Project File Editor provides a graphical front end for editing XWeaver Project files.

XWeaver Project File Editor

Figure 1: XWeaver Project File Editor

Find a description of all options below:

Language: Choose between C, C++ and Java
Indent count: Tells the weaver how many times the "Indent char" should be repeated for one indentation.
Indent char: The character used for indentation. You can choose between tabs and spaces.
Inline: Specifies the postfix of C/C++ files which contain inline function definitions.
Declaration: Specifies the postfix of C/C++ files which contain declarations
Definiton: Specifies the postfix of C/C++ files which contain definitions
Weave Projects:

This list shows all destination projects where the woven code is saved.

There are three buttons to change the list of woven projects:
  • New: Creates a new project with all settings dublicated from the current project.
  • Add: Adds a project already available in the workbench to the list.
  • Remove: Removes the selected project from the list.

Lists the aspects which are woven for the selected weave project. Removing/Adding aspects can be done by the provided buttons. With the Up/Down buttons the weaving order of the aspects can be changed.

Source Files:

Determines the files which should be considered for weaving. Reselect the weave project to update this list.

Note that this is a multipage editor. This means that it is possible to edit the raw source of the file easely. Just change to the tab labeled with "xwproject.xml" at the bottom of the editor window.