Getting the Source Code

This page describes in detail how check out the source code from the subversion repository and how to set up the Eclipse IDE in order to build and deploy the XWeaver and AXDT projects.

Eclipse Prerequisities

Importing XWeaver Projects into Eclipse

  1. Download the XWeaver Team Project Set: xweaver.psf
  2. Choose 'File > Import...' in the Eclipse IDE
  3. Select 'Team / Team Project Set' and choose the file downloaded above

This should checkout all XWeaver projects and the XSLTdoc project from the sourceforge subversion repository. These are:

  • net.sf.axdt
  • net.sf.axdt.aspectx
  • net.sf.axdt.aspectx.edit
  • net.sf.axdt.aspectx.editor
  • net.sf.axdt.core
  • net.sf.axdt.update-site
  • net.sf.xweaver
  • net.sf.xweaver.srcml
  • XWeaver
  • XSLTdoc

Setting Up Eclipse

  1. Select the XWeaver Project in the Eclipse Navigator and press 'F5'
  2. In the Eclipse Navigator, right click on the file 'XWeaver/resources/srcML/linux/src2srcml' and choose 'Properties...'
  3. Check the 'Ececutable' flag and press 'Ok'
  4. Choose 'Window > Preferences...' in the Eclipse IDE
  5. Select 'Ant / Runtime'
  6. Choose 'Global Entires' and press the 'Add JARs' Button
  7. Select 'XWeaver/lib/saxon8.jar', 'XWeaver/lib/srcml-ant.jar' and 'XWeaver/lib/xweaver-ant.jar' and press 'Ok'
  8. Choose 'Window > Show View > Ant'
  9. Drag and drop 'XWeaver/build.xml' to the Ant View
  10. Expand 'XWeaver' in the Ant View and double click on 'plugin.dist'
  11. Choose 'Project > Clean...' and then 'Clean All Projects' and press 'Ok'