The XWeaver Project

XWeaver is a tool for aspect oriented programming for C/C++ and Java applications. The weaving process is especially designed to be compatible with the needs of applications that, like on-board applications, must undergo a qualification process. The XWeaver tool is built as a command line tool and a Plug-in for the Eclipse platform and is provided with a complete set of documentation and a large number of sample aspect programs. The tool is made available as free and open software under the terms of the General Public Licence (see the download page).

Questions should be addressed to the project authors or the mailing list. Bugs should be reported on the bug tracking system (select "XWeaver" or "AXDT" (for the Eclipse plug-in) in the "project" pull-down menu in the upper right corner).

The development of XWeaver and the definition of the AspectX language began in August 2003 in the group of Prof. Schaufelberger at the Automatic Control Laboratory of ETH-Zurich. Development work was led by A. Pasetti and was done initially by I. Birrer and later also by O. Rohlik and Valerio Buerker. The XWeaver project was continued in 2004-05 by P&P Software GmbH as a research spin-off of the Automatic Control Laboratory at ETH. The continuation work was funded under ESA contract 18664/04/NL/LvH (with P&P Software GmbH as prime contractor and ETH-Zurich as subcontractor).